PhD Journey

The DiveIn CDT’s approach is supported by three central ‘pillars’ – Connect, Belong and Thrive – that aim to provide students with a transformative training experience and emphasise the importance of attracting talent, nurturing students, and sustaining impact.

Students will be supported with networking opportunities and tailored coaching to help them navigate challenges and seize new opportunities during their PhD. In addition, the DiveIn CDT has won the backing of a wide range of industry partners who will provide input and offer research and placement opportunities for our students.

Training Programme

Embark on a transformative four-year journey with DiveIn’s comprehensive learning framework, designed to uplift your research and personal development. Our model, spanning four core dimensions, seamlessly integrates didactic, self-directed, empirical, and peer learning, ensuring a holistic training experience over the four years without compromising your research success. Every dimension is a step toward academic excellence, personal growth, and a thriving research community.

  • Interdisciplinarity (Dimension 1)

    Prioritise interdisciplinary projects, foster collaboration, and engage external partners. Dive into a supportive community at the CDT village and events like our annual academic conference, an interdisciplinary research festival. Explore success stories through seminars and personal narratives and learn from your peers who are further in their journey. We will be learning together how to do interdisciplinary well and then how to pass on that knowledge.

  • TRORI - Trusted, Responsible, and Open Research and Innovation (Dimension 2)

    Uphold ethics, openness, and responsible research through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions. Maintain a TRORI passport to document your learning journey. Engage in the Ethics Café and collaborative communication pieces, promoting integrity and inclusivity in research and innovation.

  • Growth Mindset (Dimension 3)

    Nurture a growth mindset, empowering you to overcome challenges, refine approaches, and actively transform your environment. Participate in the Power of Choice program, co-delivered with Korn Ferry, focusing on personal and professional development. Embrace setbacks, learn from experiences, and become mentors to future PGRs.

  • Formalising the Hidden Curriculum (Dimension 4)

    We want to provide equitable access to essential non-academic skills critical for success. Benefit from mentorship, training in effective relationships with supervisors, and community-building techniques. Undertake tailored placements, engage in repeated communication training, and access diverse training programs through our Partners’ Personal and Professional Development Programme (3PDP).


Our robust support network is tailored to guide, coach, and champion individuals throughout their academic journey. Through interactive workshops and informal sessions, mentoring, and sponsorship opportunities, we will empower our PGRs to effectively navigate challenges and seize academic opportunities. An academic mentor will guide applicants through the academic landscape, providing expertise and insights across various disciplines. Meanwhile, an external sponsor with industrial expertise will connect applicants to real-world contexts, expanding their perspectives beyond academia. Peer mentoring groups offer a secure environment for knowledge sharing, skill development, and mutual support. The dedicated management committee and international steering group ensure the protection and success of each PGR’s journey through a formal review process and continuous advocacy.

Part-Time Studentships

At DiveIn, we recognise that full-time study is not an option for everyone. We would be delighted to discuss alternative, tailored study arrangements that suit personal circumstances at any stage of your application. Due to the nature of our in-depth training, mentoring, and support programs, remote study is not possible.